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The first blog

 Hello, folks.

Right on a funny, self critical note.. For some reason I am thinking somebody might be actually interested in what I think, so I decided to start blogging. I would like to open myself a bit to those who like my work, to give something more personal of what's behind my art as I enjoy other artists reveal their processes. Whether it's musicians, movie makers, painters, etc. Whenever I find out what is behind the scenes, it gives the art much more value, builds up my appreciation and it deepens the connection between artist, creation and me as a viewer, listener, consumer.  I got to say, I have a overload of inner chatter, too much thoughts, so I'd like to share those, too. But one brilliant quote says something like "if you don't have anything wise to say, be quiet". So it's a bit of a dilemma for me, haha.  Plan is to deliver one short blog a week with content mostly continuing from previous blog's train of thoughts (or flood of nonsense). Whenever I post up a blog, I will announce it on my facebook and instagram profiles. So enough of introduction, here it is. 

No.1 "Contemplating on one's creative process." 

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One of the biggest puzzles of my own art path is actually the question which path to take. Looking on works I come up with, ideas which emerge in my head somehow spontaneously or those which are composed more consciously and being aware of what I want to draw or paint.. I end up wondering why do I always go after something totally different? Why can't I just follow one style, technique and get super awesome at it? If becoming awesome is actually possible for me I wonder, haha. 
  Sure, there are styles and techniques which are my favourites, but I'm always  sticking my head into new things. 
Back in 2005 when I worked for only a short period of time as a cameraman for a local TV, we covered a small meeting of Slovak illustrator with kids in a library in my hometown Vranov nad Toplou. As I looked through books he made illustrations for, I really appreciated the fact how differently each book was illustrated. Various styles, colour scales, approach and feel. Then during Q&A time I actually even asked how can he as an artist find always different ways how to do his illustrations. He himself, said that was a bit more professional question (after all questions from kids)... Shame on me for not remembering even a name of artist. His answer didn't give much light to my question, he seemed like that is simply part of his job and took it naturally. Now I see how far back I was always up for trying out new ways of expressing myself. With any technique or style I devoted myself to for some months or weeks I eventually became bored with, cornered or stuck on a plateau.. And I went on another route with the same ending after some time. What started to happen and still happens is merging and carrying of knowledge, practice and skills from one style to another, mutually improving each path. Now after years I keep on coming back to certain styles, moving them forward and improving, while keeping my eyes on new, like  digital art, but also banning myself from some, like airbrush, which I find as a too difficult and expensive to start with,

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"Confusing, schizophrenic or maybe bipolar outcomes of my work?..a disorder of a portfolio :)"

I guess, I should ask more for open criticism of what people think about my actual work. If you'd like to criticise my stuff, please go for it. Either in comments or in email. My other half does it occasionally and it's a good educational slap across my ego. I can be self critical endlessly, but hearing it from others is very valuable.

From  my perspective, viewing my portfolio as a whole, it's a bit of a mess. Whenever I take a look at my Instagram feed, I find it weird that I post a total mix of works. Tattoos I do, then acrylic paintings, water colour pencil drawings/paintings, ink and pen drawings of various styles. From gloomy dark, through some blends of fantasy, modern styles to some fairy tale, cartoony, merry coloured works like some illustrations for kids' books. So my plan for upcoming weeks is to create different profiles on social media which will be dedicated to a specific line of my work or life, so that the viewer will get to see only what he really is into while having an option to follow also profiles with my other stuff. 

 If you ever were advised by somebody on your career, you definitely heard about picking your own niche, profession, focusing on one skill set, becoming best at it and gaining admirers of that particular thing, customers and employers looking for your specialty. Well, not my case. 
If I have to remain honest on my art journey and do what I want to do.. This is it. Always experimenting, always reaching for new. Creative exploration, which is also reflection of my thoughts, emotions and inspirations. So this is what Disorderart means. A name of my creative journey, which simply emerged out of it. 

 What about you? What are your creative puzzles? Do you feel entrapped by one style or are you all over the place like me? 
Share your own struggles and bugs in creativity, or drop me a comment on what do you think about my artworks or this first blog. 


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