There are days when you might be lost in your own mind, in a deep thought about just the meaning of everything. There are moments when you lose yourself in a pure joy. In a moment without a time, being present and feeling complete.

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 Just as we perceive this world, it affects us. It leaves the mark, it changes us. In a way we are stories written by life, not the writers, authors of it. Until we start to see how life reflects on us, we can not really see ourselves, who we really are.

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Artist specialised in.. not being specialised in one style. 

I never really looked for the reasons behind my ever changing artistic explorations. One was for sure curiosity, looking for something new. New ideas put to reality, bringing the my fantasy to life. In recent years I started slowly to see this clear split.. There is this dark side and merry side. Many times proven by those who seen my works. Almost everybody preferred one side of it more than the other. Could I just dedicate to one style? which one then? I proved myself many times I simply can't. My art reflects how the world and my own mind affects me and thus my art. Fascination by the dark imagery is connected to reality of life which can be unjust and cruel, yet has to be accepted. Grim and gloomy artworks are also often my introspective journeys, where I find sort of a meditative state and relaxation (might sound weird to some). Being by myself accompanied by the darker corners of music or podcasts with often difficult and controversial topics (and dram of whisky occasionally).

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Enter my dark art gallery. Follow the gloomy side of my art on instagram.

But there is this other side. The one that is rich in colours, creatures and characters resembling illustrations from a books for kids. Bringing smiles on faces of those who see them. This part of my portfolio is the projection outwards, opening myself, not the journey inside my own head. Savouring the sunny day, being with the ones you love or any great moments and experiences you can think of are the drives behind these works. Enhanced with saturated colours, imaginary characters to pull you into this warm place. It is about being dreamer and showing that life is not so bad after all :)

Enter the gallery filled with joy. Wander through these merry artworks and my inspirations on instagram.

 Now you probably know why I can't ditch any of these two artistic routes I am on. We all walk on these two paths in real life and my creative journey would be incomplete if I'd choose only one path. They bring balance. Where one leaves me in a clouds disconnecting from reality, living in a dreamland, other one could lock me inside my own head, not being able to enjoy life the people and world to it’s fullest potential. 

All of my artwork and news are revealed on my facebook page, connect with me to see where does this parallel art journey lead.